Here It Is – Diet According To Blood Type


Dieting and exercise provides a better result if they comply with blood group, argues Dr Peter D Adamo from Seattle.  He, over the years, managed to return to top form hundreds of his patients, using diet and sports, tailored to the patient’s blood type. According to Dr. Adamo, depending on blood type, body differently is processing food products, and based on that, found out which food products are ideal for the corresponding blood group and which are not.

People with blood type A are the most sensible, have slower metabolism and a greater tendency to cause fatty deposits. Because their stomach is often sensitive it is not recommended, primarily milk which can cause problems in digestion, as mushrooms or eggplants. Food products that match are fish, seafood, lentils, vegetables, pineapple, apricots, and as for physical activity are recommended sports that unclench (yoga), easy gymnastics, cycling.

People who have blood type B are resistant and have a strong digestive system and act well to almost all food products Food products that match are all common types of meat (except poultry), cheese, milk, lots of fruits and vegetables (peppers, bananas and plums). Recommended sports are football, baseball and riding.

People with blood group AB are mixed, they are strong, have a good metabolism and powerful immune system. As an ideal food is recommended quite a small amount of meat in the diet (but not pork), many dairy products, rice, all kind of nuts, cherries, plums. Sports that are ideal are swimming, stretching and long walks.

People with O– blood group are most active, have a good metabolism and a strong immune system. Ideal food for people with this blood type is lean meat, fish, rice, spinach, goat cheese and soy milk. Not recommended is fat meat, potatoes and red cabbage. Ideal for all sports are intensive training (aerobics, jogging, skiing).